Daily Devotional

November 11, 2019

You’re Invited to the Party

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

Written by: Michael Burgard

Growing up as a kid, one of my most cherished memories was being at my grandmother’s house for the holidays. She valued those days when all of our family gathered together. The disagreements we had or grudges we held against one another didn’t matter. What was important to her was that her family was together as one to celebrate the thing we all held in common: relationship.

Jesus teaches us a lot about the way we should live our lives, but He narrows it all down to two really important commandments: love God and love people.

The way my grandmother didn’t care what we brought to the party is the same way Jesus invites us into His family. He holds our sins and struggles on a much lower level than our personal relationship with Him. God knows we are broken and hurting. But that’s no excuse not to come to His party. What is important to God is that we get to the party and become a part of His family.

What Jesus is teaching us in this passage is that as long as we hold onto the things we have done wrong and hide them in the darkness, we will not be able to experience His perfect love. There is no fear in love because God’s love for us drives out all fear.

ITP-Devo11.11Thought of the day: No matter what you’re struggling with today or hiding from those around you, God loves you beyond your own belief. He also knows you won’t fully be able to experience His perfect love for you if you don’t let go of the fear your struggles bring.

What do you need to confess to God today so you can fully experience His perfect love for you?

Prayer: God: I ask You to help me truly understand the perfect love You have for me. Help me to learn that despite my struggles and sin, You’re still present and working on and in my heart. God, I ask for Your strength and wisdom in overcoming the struggles I face daily. Help me to release the things in my life I hide in the darkness because I’m afraid of what might happen. God, help me to know and love You more through what I experience in this place. Teach me to know Your word and wisdom in my life and that I have the ability to share it with those around me. God, I pray for Your presence to overwhelm me so I can walk in Your love for me today. Teach me I pray, amen.


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