Daily Devotional

November 20, 2019

You Can Do That

Ephesians 3:20
Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.

Written by: Shannon Swensen

Jesus didn’t leave us without a way to help others meet, know, and follow Him. He left us His power through the Holy Spirit to do the work He calls us to do until the day He returns, or He calls us home.

How many times have you sidelined yourself saying, “I can’t do that” when you feel that prompting from Him asking you to do something totally out of your comfort zone or way beyond what you had pictured for the plan for your life? I have done it countless times.

Here’s the awesome part of being an active part of the church: We aren’t doing His work on our own power or merit. We are doing it on His. We hear it often said at Sun Valley that the church is not a building we go to, but a movement we choose to be part of. If we are choosing to be a part of the movement, then we are not passively sitting by waiting for someone else to have some sort of more got-it-togetherness or better resume to do what He wants each one of us to do. We aren’t waiting for someone else to invite our neighbor to church. We aren’t waiting for someone else to take a meal to a stranger down the street. We aren’t waiting for someone else to serve on the weekends.

His word promises He is not only the power source, but He will do immeasurably more than we could ever ask, imagine, dream or design on our own. All He wants from us is an attitude that says,”I can do that.”

Ultimately, sitting myself on the sidelines because I feel unqualified is really saying I don’t trust God to be who He says He is. He says He is with me. The God I know doesn’t end sentences, promises, invitations, or commands with the words “just kidding.”

If we trust Him at His word and believe He has the power to help us carry out whatever He calls us to do, then He will be glorified and heaven will be full of people who chose to join the movement.

ITP-Devo11.20Thought of the day: What can you do today to participate in the movement of the church?

Prayer: God: Thank You that You transform lives and change families for eternity. Thank You that You are the same today as You were when Jesus walked the earth raising Lazarus from the dead, turning water into wine, and loving messy, sinful people like me. Lord, I ask You to help change me and grow me into the person You created me to be, and in that You would help others see You in me. I know it is not my power that is doing the radical change in my heart, mind, and soul, but it is Yours. My prayer is people would know who You are because You rescue, redeem, restore and raise people today. Help me to share Your love with boldness through Your power and grace so the people in my community that don’t know You would come to experience Your love, grace and mercy. Help me to simply love the way You love. Thank You Jesus for Your power and for making a way for lives and families to be changed for generations to come. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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