Daily Devotional

October 2, 2019

Culture Creep

Genesis 19:5
Two angels, in the form of men, were sent to warn Lot. Lot was chosen as a righteous man. They came to warn him of the upcoming destruction and to take his family out of the city.  While these guests were in his home, the men of the town surrounded the house demanding Lot turn over his guests so they could “have their way” with them. 

Written by: Kyle Stanforth

Sometimes the world around us changes us in ways we don’t even notice. There are times it draws us closer to a relationship with God and other times it may pull us further away. Let’s look at the story of Lot in the Bible. While this story has a lot (no pun intended) of interesting facets, let’s look at how he handled a particular conflict.

At the point of the passage above, Lot went out and tried to make a deal with the mob. In this moment, he offered his two virgin daughters for the men to “do what you want with.”  While this part of the story is no doubt raw, evil, offensive, and mind boggling, we have to trust this is recorded in the Bible for us to learn from. How did Lot think offering his two virgin daughters to a mob of men was a good idea? Lot, at least in the moment, must have thought he was doing the “right” thing.

Lot was Abraham’s nephew and was not from Sodom originally. When he arrived in Sodom, he was likely offended at the perverted culture he was now in the midst of. But, over time, the culture crept in. Today, like in Sodom, we live in a very sexualized culture where “anything goes.” Things that would have made our grandparents blush are commonplace and we don’t even notice. It can be easy to feel superior to the sin all around us. However, that aides in blinding us to the sin in our own lives and how culture has crept in and affected our decisions, values, and behaviors.

102Thought of the day: Here are three things to remember:
1. We are all broken.
2. We live among broken people.
3. Jesus died for our sins.

Prayer: God, thank You for Your grace. While I live in a crazy and upside-down world, I am still a part of it. And yet You love me right where I am. Give me the strength and wisdom to recognize the sin that has crept into my life due to cultural influences. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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