Daily Devotional

February 8, 2019

Be Courageous

2 Chronicles 15:7
But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”

From the time we are young, we’re drawn to the heroes of the stories we hear. There is something captivating about somebody taking a risk for someone else. Superhero movies are all about this idea. As are underdog stories and many of the “good Samaritan” stories we hear on the news. The number one strength of every hero isn’t strength or wisdom; it’s courage.

Courage is the willingness to take a risk, putting hope in the ideal that could be, as opposed to being crippled by the fear of failure. We’re typically our most courageous as we grow in the confidence of our ability to do something. Think about a young child learning how to ride or bike or swim—when they first start learning, there is typically a strong fear of being hurt or letting somebody down. After a few tries, and the learning that happens along the way, their confidence grows to the point that what initially scared them almost becomes second nature to them.

For Jesus followers, there are a lot of risks we might have to take. Among other things, we may have to take the chance of serving somebody in need or telling somebody about how Jesus changed our life. In those moments, we have these thoughts, like a child standing on the edge of the pool as they learn to swim, of ‘what if I fail?’ But, through the gifts, influence, and passions that God has given us, we have everything we need to serve others and tell others about Jesus. Our confidence is not based on the potential result or even our own skills, but in the One who equipped us.

19-Devo-2.8Thought of the day: Do you view yourself as a courageous person? What is one step of courage that you could take this week in following Jesus?

Prayer: God, thank You for giving me every reason to take courage in everything I do, especially in serving others. In the times I struggle to feel that courage, remind me to lean on the gifts, influence, and passions You’ve given me.


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