Daily Devotional

February 27, 2019

Always the Right Next Step

Psalm 119:73-74
Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn your commands. May those who fear you rejoice when they see me, for I have put my hope in your word.

The way we go through each day should be a reflection of the work God is doing in and through our lives. This all starts with recognizing that God is the Creator of all things and he crafted YOU with a purpose. God does not make mistakes and He calls His creation good; therefore, you are good. Acknowledge and then praise Him for that!

Once we can embrace that idea, we can begin to really lean into the unique calling and direction He has placed on our lives. We are called to obey God, so choosing to follow His word is the right start to understanding what he wants for you.

In this passage the Psalmist tells God, “give me understanding to learn your commands.” God wants us to understand His direction so that we can choose to walk in His way out of obedience. Sometimes obedience is choosing to do what’s right—even when it’s difficult—because we are going to trust in God’s plan above our own. We can trust Him because we know that His commandments are for our good and because He loves us.

Most often we don’t know what the full plan looks like but choosing to trust and obey God is always the next right step. Start here and ask Him to reveal what’s next. God will honor your faithfulness and provide direction as you continue to follow and put your hope in Him.

19-Devo-2.27Thought of the day: Consider any areas in your life that you are reluctant to trust God in. Have you done so out of fear? Are there any strongholds in your life that are gripping you and keeping you from following God in complete obedience? Consider that these are holding you back from living into the potential God has created you for and release them to Him.

Prayer: Holy God, thank You for creating me for a purpose. I choose to believe I am a miracle and you have a special plan for my life. Search my heart and help me see what areas I need to let go of and completely trust You with. Forgive any sin that is hindering me from Your purpose and help me to follow You and Your commands so that I may reflect a holy life.


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