Daily Devotional

January 28, 2019

Let Your Light Shine

Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Have you ever found yourself alone in a dark room? It can feel jarring.

The Bible teaches that the world is a dark place. People, though they can see with their natural eyes, are blind to the deeper realities of God. Today’s passage directs us to bring spiritual illumination to others. Who are the “others” for you? Quite simply: everyone, but especially those in your immediate sphere of influence who can see how you live your life. People who have not found Jesus are in the dark room, searching for the truth that will bring light to their lives. It’s our job to always be listening for the opportunity to shine out the truth.

The tough part is that most people aren’t usually deeply moved by what we have to say. The bigger impact for non-believers is seeing lives that are lived differently. They see people full of the Spirit and full of truth. We can’t manufacture His light; we have to let it flow through us. We cannot be a light if we are not staying close to the Spirit of God.

A quick side note on God’s light: In the Old Testament, a guy named Moses met with God and when he would leave that experience “his face was radiant, and [other people] were afraid to come near him” (Exodus 34:30). He was literally glowing, and he put a veil over his face to lessen the outward intensity of what it meant to draw near to God.

People want proof that this Jesus thing is real. We Christians are that proof. It’s our job to lean in to our Savior with all we have and then let His light shine through us. His light becomes our light and that is what God uses to illuminate the world.

19-devo-1.28Thought of the day: Do you see yourself as a witness to God’s truth and His light? If you call yourself a Christian, you should. That doesn’t mean it’s your job to manufacture an experience. We are only called to love God and then, from that relationship, love others. Everything else is just details. But we have to be open to the Holy Spirit and we have to be willing to be what others need.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, be with me as I go through my day. Fill me with Your presence and Your love so that I radiate Your truth and Your light in a dark world. May You receive the glory from my life. Amen!


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